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Transform your online presence with Elixites, your gateway to stunning and powerful websites. We are a full-stack development company dedicated to creating captivating and functional websites that elevate your brand and drive results. Whether you're looking for an e-commerce platform or a sleek informational site, Elixites is your trusted partner in the digital landscape.

How it works

Elixites Shop Design

1. Shop Design

We design your website exactly how you want it. Our websites are fully customizable - we only build with code, so you get exactly what you want.

2. Dashboard

Effortlessly control your online store from anywhere! Add, edit, or delete products, view orders, and update statuses directly from your dashboard on your phone or computer. Changes are reflected instantly, and your clients are always kept in the loop.

Elixites Shop Design
Elixites Shop Design

3. Everything Automated

Everything is done for you! Once you add a product to your store a product page is automatically generated and added to your catalogue.

4. Your profits

Enjoy the full benefits of your hard work – every penny of profit goes directly to you! Say goodbye to subscription fees and unnecessary hassles. I'll seamlessly integrate your payment gateway, ensuring you can focus on your business without worrying about additional charges.

Elixites Shop Design

What You Need



A thriving store starts with great products! Be it digital or physical, we'll craft a website that sparks conversions.



Your brand defines your identity. Share your logo, color scheme, and fonts, and let us create a website that truly reflects your name!



For low fees and easy integration we recommend registering for a free PayFast account - you can sign up here.

What You'll Pay

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Specify the pages you envision for your website. Whether it's an About Us page, Contact Us, or a Gallery, feel free to add any pages you desire. Your customization options are limitless!

* Includes dashboard (Add, Edit, Delete Products, View Orders, Update Order Status), cart, checkout page, catalogue, automatic landing page generation and payment gateway integration.

Total : R 9 500